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CONNECT! Features

{ Do you charge travel fees? }

There is no travel fee as long as it is within a 40 mile radius. Outside of my 40 mile radius is $0.56 per mile. If the location is 90 miles away from my studio, overnight accommodation will be needed.

{ Do we get full rights to our engagement photograph? }

Yes! You have full Personal rights to both the engagement photographs and your wedding photographs. Personal right means that the client and the client only has the rights to print copies of the images wherever and whenever they wish. It also means that the client may not print for the benefit of this or her business, or for resale.

{ What does full coverage mean? }

It means I will supply my time for 8-10 hours. This time starts two hours prior to the ceremony.

{ Can we suggest our own ideas for on-location and poses? }

Absolutely! I want your wedding day to be completely about you. So bring ideas to our meetings, or have them in mind the day of your wedding. If you have a place in mind for your on-location, thats perfect. If you would rather me scope the area and find a neat place, I am up for that as well.

{ Do you do the first look? }

For those of you who do not know, the first look is when the bride and groom decide they want to see each other before the wedding. This is something to think about because it not only saves time for pictures, but it also allows the bride an groom to meet each other in private. I do do first looks, but I do not have to .

{ How long after the wedding do we receive our photographs? }

It sometimes depends on the time of year, but usually it takes about 2-4 weeks.

{ What kind of equipment do you use? }

I use a 5d Mark III and primarily use my 24-70 mm. I also use the 50 mm and the 70-200 mm lenses.

{ Do you do destination weddings? }

Absolutely!! I love destination weddings.